Friday, October 14, 2011

New Thing #51: Quiet Times, Walks, Visits & Lunch

Hi. I haven't had much time to post this week. Did you miss me?! I missed you as much as you missed me! Let's just get into it & skip my lame-ass apologies.

When we last spoke, we were gearing up for a big Thanksgiving weekend. It was a wonderful, busy weekend, jam-packed with family and friends. Daddy and I are so proud of the LP. They just rolled with it all and were so very well-behaved throughout the weekend. When you have small children, there is always the potential for meltdown when you cram too much into their days. The LP were their usual sunshiney, funny, curious selves. We were especially proud of them during my uncle's retirement dinner. It was held at a lovely restaurant in Kitchener and we were prepared for having to excuse ourselves from dinner at a moment's notice but I am so happy to say that we didn't need to. The LP ate their dinners, played with the toys we remembered to bring along and when they did get tired of sitting at the table, there were more than enough family members who were all-too happy to have a visit from them....Grandpa in particular! I overheard one of my uncle's aunts comment to someone about how she couldn't even believe there were young children there because they were so good. I freely admit that this was very satisfying to hear...but we already knew our children were the most wonderful, perfect and darling little souls to ever tread this earth. Or something like that.

We had enormously delicious dinners with both sides of the family and thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with everyone. It is funny how sometimes you need an occasion to just stop and be thankful for all your blessings. We certainly are blessed. Oktoberfest was also a great time. Daddy, Uncle L and I all rode a mechanical bull at some point during the night. I still have a series of ugly-looking bruises on my leg but was hilarious.

After all the excitement of the weekend, my instinct was to keep it low-key on Tuesday. The LP and I had a quiet day. We read lots of stories, played with their toys and had some snuggle time while watching a bit of TV. It wasn't anything ground-breaking but I think it was just a good chance to slow down a bit for them (and for me, too). I love snuggling with them and finding those little moments where we can reconnect, hold hands and just enjoy being in the moment.

On Wednesday, the LP had their first half-day at daycare. LP1 ran right in and yelled "HEY EVERYBODY! I'M HERE!" LP2 was a little more hesitant but he went into E's arms after a moment. I had a debate with myself about how to say goodbye to them. E was heading inside with LP2. LP1 was already playing with the other kids. While I wanted to give them hugs, kisses and reassurances that I would be back at noon, I didn't want them to suddenly realize that I was leaving and get upset over it. I'm sure this is the dilemma of every parent standing on the daycare threshold. I eventually called goodbye and left. I think that once daycare becomes a regular routine for them I can say a proper goodbye.

It always feels weird when I am in the car by myself now because I am so used to having the LP with me. I met a colleague for coffee. Because I've been living in a bubble for a year now, I forgot all about the interesting area our office is located in. As we sat in the food court of the mall near our office, I had to remember to close my mouth and stop staring. There were so many things demanding my attention...the man drinking something out of a paper bag at 10 am, the uh..."lady of the night" who I guess had just finished her shift, stomping through...the painfully frail junkie with a hacking cough...and a random assortment of other people. Have I become a stereotypical suburban mom? Probably. It was nice to catch up with my friend, although I was reminded again about my impending return to work and all that will bring.

I picked up the LP at noon and was happy to learn that they had a great morning. LP1 gave everyone hugs when we left. LP2 did his crying laugh and just wanted to be held for a little bit. We headed home and when it became clear that naps weren't on the horizon for them, jumped into the ninky-nonk and went for a walk together. There may have been some sugar-filled treats purchased for them along the way. Sometimes it's just fun to have a treat.

On Thursday morning, Uncle L dropped in for a visit, much to the delight of the LP. LP1 put Uncle L through his paces. She had him playing with dolls, bunnies and frogs. They were "picking blueberries" in the guest room, snuggling under blankets and building forts. Uncle L was game to play and to do LP1's bidding. When he and Auntie K are ready, I know they will be wonderful parents! After Uncle L left, I got all of us ready and we headed over to Grandpa and Grammy's house. Grandpa had a few errands to run and needed a driver. I won't say I was the greatest driver (still trying to master standard) but he got everything accomplished. We had lunch with Grandpa before returning to their house to play with the toys there and to put a fresh battery in the snow clock.

What is the snow clock? It is this snow globe-style clock that plays music. Generally, it is for Christmas but because LP1 loves it, Grandpa keeps it out all year, much to the delight (?) of Grammy. When the new batteries were put in, LP1 wasted no time in activating it. It wasn't long before LP2 noticed and wanted to check it out for himself. He was equally entranced by it. This was all the incentive Grandpa will need to bring out all the noisy toys at Christmas.

The LP have left for another half-day visit at daycare. Daddy dropped them off today and I'm sitting in a very quiet house, trying to plan my next move. I had originally decided to go back to bed but it would seem I'm wide awake! I see the vacuum cleaner in the corner so I'm thinking some duties domestica...sigh. I'm not sure what we'll do this afternoon or if I'll post again so if I don't, happy weekend!

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