Monday, October 31, 2011

New Thing #60: Boo! A Hallowe'en-derful day!

Happy Hallowe'en! 
I just figured out how to make the fonts look different! What a day! Okay, fine, let's get into what we got into today.

Since this was LP2's first Hallowe'en and the first time LP1 has really gotten into it, I figured we should make good use of the day. And get our money's worth out of their costumes, too. Today was a day to Make the Rounds and show off their costumes. And who better to show them off to than some of the people who love them the most?

I made some calls this morning and it wasn't long before we were off. First up on the list was Grammy. We met her at her office and she took us on a tour to meet some of her work friends. The LP were delighted to see Grammy and were bouncing up and down to tell her their (in the case of LP2, incomprehensible) stories. Everyone in the office had been given candy by the Health & Wellness Team and as a result, they were all-too happy to give some to our little butterfly and shark. LP1 soon caught on to everyone's willingness to give her a treat and it wasn't long before she would just approach a desk, smile broadly at whomever was sitting at it and hold out her hand. She was rewarded every time. I'm happy to report that most times she also remembered her manners, too.

Not a bad haul for a half-hour's work! Thank you to all the ladies in Grammy's office who so willingly parted with their treats...particularly the Coffee Crisp...uh...not that I ate it or anything.

We said goodbye to Grammy, clutching our bag of treats and made our way over to say hello to Daddy. We don't often visit Daddy at work but the LP love it when we do. LP1 immediately demands that we "bring me my numbers!" as soon as we walk in the door. She's not attempting to balance the budget but rather sit in Daddy's chair and play with the calculator. She also enjoys writing him notes and drawing on her fingernails with highlighter. LP2 sat with Daddy and had a bottle. I got the most gorgeous picture of the two of them. I think this will be one that comes with me when I go back to work, provided I remember to print a copy.We didn't stay too long with Daddy...just long enough to cause some chaos.

Next up would have been Grandad and Nan but we've made plans to see them later this week as they've got what is turning out to be the family cold in their house. We were headed to go see Grandpa when I suddenly found us at the tail end of a police chase that had been going on all morning. For real. I knew something was odd when I saw two cruisers parked on the highway overpass I needed to take to get onto the highway. As we got on the highway, a police SUV came roaring up behind me. I had that thrill of fear you get when you think you're being pulled over but when I moved over, it continued to roar past us. I could see flashing lights ahead of us and the traffic was abnormally slow for midmorning. A news report came on the radio, explaining that the police had been chasing a stolen truck all morning. The reporter was giving a live report, explaining where the truck was...and it was just ahead of us! There were unmarked police cars around us. I was pretty sure I knew which ones were the unmarked cars and my suspicions were confirmed when they suddenly pulled over a car that was driving extremely aggressively just in front of us. I was relieved that they had pulled that car over because I was starting to plan how I could get away from this driver before he got us all into an accident. I don't get out much, so this was the most interesting car ride I'd had in a long time. By the time we got to Grandpa and Grammy's house, I could barely sit still.

The LP, on the other hand, were so excited by it all that they had fallen asleep. LP1 awoke when I opened her door and immediately wanted to get out of her carseat and into her costume to show Grandpa. LP2 continued to sleep. I brought his seat into the house and he slept for at least another 45 minutes. Eventually he woke up, too and was just as happy to see Grandpa. The LP had lunch and soon had Grandpa doing their bidding, from fetching toys to going outside to investigate things. Oh and yes, they also got him to open something else for them, too...

It took little persuasion to get Grandpa to crack open the bowl of candy for later that night. It also took little persuasion for me to eat roughly 1/4 of the chocolate in this bowl. Thank you, Grammy and Grandpa for the Coffee Crisp(s). And the KitKat. And the Smarties. And the Aero bars. Okay, and the Mr. Big, too. Here we can see LP2 going for the grab-whatever-you-can technique. HANDS OFF THE COFFEE CRISP!

After awhile it was time to leave. The LP were getting tired. We came home and once they stopped fighting it, both of them went down for naps. I broke my "NEVER WAKE THE LP" rule and opened their doors and made lots of noise after they had been sleeping for only an hour. We had to eat dinner before trick-or-treating and I knew Auntie K and Uncle L were coming over for a visit. The LP were also happy to see their auntie and uncle, although LP1 was a little melty-downy due to being so tired.

Once Daddy was home, it was time to head out for some trick-or-treating. Off they went with Daddy to the first house. LP1 knocked on the door and then promptly ran inside. She's used to doing that because most of the time, when we go to someone's house, it is someone we know. She got inside the neighbour's house, realized she had no idea where she was and let out a mighty wail. It took a little while after that for her to regain her enthusiasm for trick-or-treating. Daddy and I had to switch it up so that I took the LP and he stayed home to distribute candy - normally we do it the other way. LP2 on the other hand, had no idea what was going on but was happy to sit in the ninky nonk (aka the wagon) and throw candy around. I think he also liked seeing other kids in costume.

After we had done a few houses, the LP had had enough. We returned home and all of us gave out candy for a bit before leaving to go see our friends D and T and their kids. LP1 was especially happy to see her friend B there. They ran around and played while Daddy and I had a hops and barley beverage with our friends. When it became obvious that the LP were worn out, we left. Putting them to bed has never been easier. Down they went with nary a fuss.

Today was probably a long day for the LP but they were, for the most part, their happy selves. They willingly let me change them into and out of their costumes several times today. They had enough sugar and junk to last them several weeks. They were taken from place to place to place and yet through it all, they had giant grins. I would say that this Hallowe'en New Thing was a definite success. I would also say that I am glad it is only once a year!

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