Monday, November 7, 2011

New Thing #64: Uhh...I don't think we got to that today

Happy Monday! What kind of weekend did you have? What did you get up to and into? Auntie J came home from school this weekend (she's away, doing her Masters), so we got a visit from her and Uncle M on Saturday, much to the LP's intense joy. We went to Grammy & Grandpa's house for dinner and the LP's joy was multiplied again. LP2 got to show off his mad walking skills for the grandparents and I got a much-needed night off from making dinner. Win-win!

On Sunday, Daddy played at a local cafe while we had brunch with Grammy, Auntie K, Uncle L, Auntie J and Uncle M. As usual, Daddy did an excellent job. He introduced some new songs into his sets and we had the extreme pleasure of overhearing people commenting on how good he was. Yay for Daddy!

The LP are slowly increasing their daycare visits in preparation for my upcoming return to work next month. I dislike that as my time with them grows shorter they will be away more but we feel like this gradual transition is probably the best thing for them. They had another half-day at daycare today. While they were gone, I made the executive decision that I was going to have a slow morning. I watched the news, caught up on some things online, worked out, and had a long, interruption-free shower before Auntie K came over for a visit. She came with me to pick up the LP and as usual, they were quite happy to see their auntie.

Auntie K played with the LP and hung with us until naptime. I had promised LP1 we would go to the library today but then they surprised me and had very long naps this afternoon. By the time they woke up, we were getting tight for time. Fortunately LP1 agreed that we could go tomorrow, instead. We went to the store to pick up some essentials. While I was making dinner and the LP were having a little something to eat and drink, we had an impromptu dance party. LP2 has started to dance. It's pretty adorable, actually. If he's standing up, he sticks his little bottom out and shakes. As he was sitting in the highchair, he sort of swayed around and moved his arms enthusiastically.  LP1 gave it all she could from her chair, too. They took great delight in my rendition of "Don't Stop Believing". I'm glad SOMEONE out there appreciates my vocal talents. On second thought...I'll leave the music to Daddy.

We played a bit before dinner but I really can't think of anything "new" for today. It was just one of those busy days where the LP made me laugh, tried out new things, wreaked a little havoc on the house and were their usual sunshiney selves. Lots of snuggles and hugs and slobbery baby kisses. You know, all the little things that show how much better our lives have become since the LP entered them.

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