Monday, November 21, 2011

New Thing #73: Happy, Jolly Souls

Monday...Monday...Monday.  When you're on maternity leave, Mondays don't really mean much, aside from the fact that Daddy goes back to work and your weekend of family time is done. I think when you go back to work or when your children are in school, Mondays mean more. In two weeks, I will be back in the Monday to Friday work gig. I guess my Mondays will start to mean more. I have mixed feelings about this. I went off on maternity leave knowing I would be returning to work. Part of me is looking forward to it. Part of me never wants this time off to end. I'll talk about this more at a later date, maybe. I'm not really feeling like musing about work and What It Means right now.

How was your weekend? Ours was jam-packed but oh so much fun. Truly. LP2's first birthday (gah! how did that happen already?!) is this week but we had his birthday party this weekend because as I said before, Daddy and I have a work dinner next weekend. The funny thing about first birthday parties is that they are more for the guests than the guest of honour. LP2 has no idea what a birthday is or what he wants in a party. However, a first birthday is a milestone to be celebrated. If I do say so myself, it was a wonderful celebration for our wonderful little boy. There is, in my opinion, nothing better for the LP than to be surrounded by their grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. Actually...there's nothing better for all of us. I really love having all the family around. We ate, we visited, and we sang "Happy Birthday". LP2 was positively spoiled. Everyone brought such thoughtful and well-chosen gifts. It wouldn't matter to us if nobody brought gifts, just as long as we were all together. However, everyone else had different ideas and LP2 was certainly blessed. There are lots of new toys, books, and clothes all over the house!

Although we were all exhausted on Sunday morning after a busy but fun Saturday, we had our bi-weekly date at a local cafe. Daddy plays a few sets on the guitar and the rest of us eat and visit with whomever turns up. It was another enjoyable brunch and once again, Daddy played with heart.  By the time we got home, all of us were absolutely wiped out. The LP went down for long naps and I'm pretty sure Daddy fell asleep on the couch, too. I relaxed and read magazines. When the LP eventually awoke, all four of us ended up snuggling together in our bed, playing and talking and watching a movie together. It was a great end to a busy weekend.

Today started with the usual bustle to get Daddy ready for work and the LP off to another 3/4 day at daycare. After everyone had left, I took my coffee, went back to bed and just watched the morning news for awhile before getting on with the business of the day. It felt positively decadent to laze around. I picked up the LP in the early afternoon and we were happily reunited. Sometimes when they have had a busy day at daycare, they like to stay close and keep things quiet. I figured that after our weekend, today would be such a day.

Usually when the LP get home from daycare, they like a snack and a drink. I had a special snack on hand today. Auntie K had created some gorgeous and delicious cookies for LP2's birthday party. We had set two aside for the LP to enjoy later. Later was today.

An elephant for LP2 and a monkey for LP1, much to the happiness of the LP. It wasn't long before they were covered in chocolate and great big smiles. Auntie K makes the best cookies!

Since the "Frosty the Snowman" DVD we got from the library was now overdue, I thought there was no better time than today to watch it. We went down to the basement and I set up pillows, blankets and tried to make a space conducive to snuggling and just enjoying a short movie. I try not to watch too much tv with the LP, so this was a special treat for them.

The LP are familiar with the story of Frosty. Last Christmas, Grammy and Grandpa each recorded a story for the LP. LP2's book was "Frosty the Snowman" and several times a week, they pull it off the shelf to listen to Grandpa reading them the story. It took a few minutes, but once Frosty came to life, they were hooked.

Sometimes these old-school movies we grew up with really are still the best.

In order to keep them interested and focused, I sang along with the main song and kept asking LP1 questions about the plot. I think they liked it, but I can't be sure. Sometimes you don't know with the LP until a few days later when LP1 brings it up again. I know that I liked being able to sit together, stop doing things and just enjoy being with them.

DVDs are free to borrow from the library. See the yellow "Express" tag on the top left corner? That means it is due back in 3 days or the fine is $1 per day. It was due on Friday. I better get it back first thing on Tuesday. Sigh. One day I'll master the whole "bring things back on time" concept.

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