Monday, November 21, 2011

New Thing #68-72: A week's worth of posts in one!

Oh my goodness, I owe big, big apologies for my tardiness in updating and posting! Last week was a really busy week and to be perfectly honest, by the time it came time to sit down and blog, I just didn't have it in me. As a result, I am terribly behind on what we did. To remedy that, here is a superlong post about our adventures last week. Go get a cup of coffee and then get comfy. I'll wait.

When I last was here, the LP were gearing up for a weekend at Grammy & Grandpa's. As usual, they had a fantastic time, although we missed them! Daddy and I visited with friends, celebrated Uncle V's 30th birthday and bought new furniture for our bedroom. I know, I know, what a terribly exciting life we lead. We are looking forward to our new bed because apparently one of us is a relentless bed hogger, leaving the other just a small sliver of room each night. I won't say who because I don't like to present myself in a bad light.

Let's get into our week of adventures, shall we?

On Monday, I decided we needed to do some kind of messy, fun craft. After a weekend away, it felt like time to do something together and to not worry about getting things all over the house. I hauled out my craft box from the crawlspace in our basement and after a quick rummage through that led to LP1 wearing a pink feather boa and LP2 dragging ribbon all over the house, I pulled out some paints and these cardboard Christmas ornaments I had bought years ago with the intention of painting and giving to people. I never did because after I had painted one side green I ran out of both inspiration and time, but I knew the LP would have fun.

Paints, newspaper and circles to paint on. Time to get MESSY!

I let LP1 choose the colours. Unsurprisingly, she went with a pink and purple palette. She lost no time in getting right into it and covering her circle with a variety of colours. LP2 obviously needed some help but once he realized he couldn't eat the paintbrush, he had fun dragging it around.

Artist at work!

When I noticed that more paint seemed to be going on their hands than on their canvas, an idea presented itself. I think there is nothing more sweet than seeing their little hands. Daddy keeps the footprints we made him for his birthday at his desk at work. Why not put handprints on a wall somewhere? I knew Daddy would love it. But where to do this? We have plans to do painting all over the house eventually...hmmm...And then I knew. The coat closet! Who cares what's on the inside of a coat closet? 

If you ever have the opportunity to come into our house, open the hall closet and you will see LP2's hand on top and LP1's hand on the bottom. I later wrote their names and the date below them. And yes, Daddy thought it was pretty cool, too.

There was purple paint everywhere...all over the LP, the floors, the table and on me. I'm STILL finding it in odd spots in the house. But kids are washable and if purple paint stains one of our dishcloths...oh well. It was fun and messy and I know those are two criteria for the LP!

On Tuesday, the LP started doing a 3/4 day at daycare. This involved staying for a nap after lunch and is part of our gradually-acclimatize-them-to-daycare plan. While they were gone, I did a big grocery shop where I picked up make-your-own-pizza kits. After I picked them up, we got to work making pizza together.

I can't get this photo to go the right way, so just crane your head to the side.

I wasn't sure how pizza making would go but again, here was a slightly messy project but it involved eating. I sat the LP down, spread the sauce on the pizza and got them to help me put the toppings on...well, in theory, anyway. In reality, they were more interested in dragging their fingers through the sauce to sample it and eating as many toppings as they put on the crust.

Daddy's pizza. As per his request, it was loaded with ham, olives, peppers, bacon bits and cheese. The LP particularly enjoyed both creating and eating this pizza.

Auntie K dropped in while we were pizza making and the LP decided that playing with their auntie was much more fun than cooking, so they abandoned me. I can't blame them...I'd rather play with Auntie K, too. I made the vegetarian pizza on my own. At dinnertime, LP1 made sure to tell Daddy that she and her brother had made dinner all by themselves. I let them have the credit. I think Daddy was fooled.

What was left of the vegetarian pizza. Daddy would later take it and the leftover meat one in his lunch to work. The LP were less inclined to eat this one!

On Wednesday, I FINALLY made good on a promise and took the LP to the library after I picked them up from daycare...and we actually got books this time. They had fun playing with the trains and the toys and saying hello to the different giant stuffed animals scattered throughout our local branch. We came home with a haul of books that we are still making our way through. Yes, we've gone to the library eighty four billion times before, but if you've been reading this blog, you know that they love going there and that we've had several failed attempts lately. We got a Christmas DVD to watch but it is already overdue and we haven't even watched it yet!. One day I will get things back on time. I think we had better stick with books before I bankrupt this family with fines.

After a quick dinner, all of us went to see our friends B and K and their new baby K. I realized one of the local radio stations is now playing all Christmas music, all the time. LP1 delighted in hearing this and was soon singing "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas" in her little voice. It was absolutely adorable. We had a good visit with our friends. The LP were mildly interested in baby K but were more intrigued by her toys. I was wondering if LP2 would be jealous at all if he saw me holding another baby but he was entirely unphased.

We had plans with Grandpa on Thursday. My Auntie J (Grandpa's sister, the LP's great-aunt, not to be confused with Auntie J who is my sister and the LP's aunt) lives in a long-term care facility and they were having their annual Christmas bazaar. Grandpa met us at our house and we headed out for a very long country drive to get there. We had fun pointing out the horses, cows, sheep, geese and even buffalo we saw along the way! There was some lovely scenery and it was really nice to talk to Grandpa as we drove. When we got there, the LP were a little overwhelmed at first but soon delighted in seeing the different toys and gifts on display. There were Christmas decorations up for the LP to marvel at, too. We had lunch with Great-Auntie J and the LP ate with gusto. We stopped by her room to pick up a gift she had for LP2's upcoming birthday and the LP were delighted to find that she had a stuffed dog that sang different songs. The LP love singing toys and have already started badgering Grandpa to start getting all of his out for Christmas. Because Grandpa seems to have a hard time saying no to them, he has already dug out the moose that sings different Christmas carols as it ummm...passes wind. The LP call this "The Stinky Moose" and I'm sure it is only a matter of time before they convince him to get the rest of them out and poor Grammy is besieged by things that sing, dance, snore, play instruments and generally make noise.

The LP were exhausted and fell asleep on the long drive home. I know they enjoyed our outing and I was happy we got to see Great-Auntie J, too. Truth be told...I was supertired, too!

Friday saw another day at daycare. While they were gone, Auntie K came over to help me decorate LP2's birthday cake. We were having his family birthday party on Saturday because Daddy and I have a work dinner for him the following weekend. We made much progress on the cake and were nearly done by the time it was time to fetch them. Auntie K came with me to pick them up, much to the LP's happiness. The LP thought the cake was fun but were more interested in the bowls of icing all over the kitchen. I had given the LP some digestive cookies for their snack and Auntie K piped icing onto them. The LP licked the icing off and then eventually consented to eat the cookies, too. Once the cakes were finished, Auntie K played with the LP for awhile before she had to go home to see what trouble Uncle L was causing at home. I started dinner prep. We had tacos for dinner and the LP thought that crushing up the taco shells and making a taco salad to eat was something different. Their taco salads disappeared!

We had a busy week and the weekend was just a busy...but I'll write about that in today's post, later on tonight. Maternity leave is rapidly winding down and I'm trying to get as much time with them as possible! They are truly such wonderful, enjoyable little people...I'm enjoying every moment, milestone and snuggle with them!

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