Friday, December 2, 2011

New Thing #76: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LP2!!!

*note: this post is over a week late. Yes, I am terrible. Please accept my a-blog-ogies. Get it? Apology + blog to express my sentiments? It's pretty funn...okay, fine. I'll stop. Let's just get on with it*

It wasn't until I became a parent that I began to understand why my mother always said something about the day I was born on my birthdays. I'm starting to suspect that I will do the same thing. I don't think you can help it. It is such a momentous day that it imprints on your mind forever. I can tell you exactly what time I went into labour with both of our children and what I was wearing. On their birthdays, I automatically think about their Birth Day.

Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you some horrible story involving labour pains and pushing and too much information. You don't need to read that and really, LP2 doesn't need his whole birth story out there on the internet. So don't fear. I will, however, tell you a bit about his Birth Day.

Like his sister, LP2 decided to make a late entrance into the world. And also like his sister, he also chose to be born on a Wednesday. Daddy and I decided that there are very few true surprises in life and we had elected to not find out what we were having. It was tempting, though. I have to say that I am so glad we held out because it made all the hard work it took to bring him into the world that much sweeter and it truly was a wonderful surprise. When I heard "it's a boy!", I burst into immediate, happy tears. I did the same thing with LP1, but this is not her story. We were just so thrilled both times.

From the very beginning, LP2 was a happy guy. He remains that way today and I hope that he will continue to have that sunshiney personality, although we'll love him regardless. I used to just stare at his little hands and face and toes and marvel at him...okay, fine, I still do and was even doing it tonight. Children are a miracle.

When LP2 joined our family, he made it complete. I didn't have much experience with little boys, growing up in a family of all girls, but I'm learning along the way. I've learned that they like to hammer things and take things apart and think climbing onto things is cool and not heart-stoppingly terrifying. They pull the lids off of things like garbage cans and try to drink the dog's water and think it is hilarious to throw things in the toilet. Maybe this is true of all kids; I don't know. What I do know is that there is nothing like it when LP2 toddles over and gives me a big, sloppy kiss and throws his arms around me. Or when I pick them up from daycare and he is literally bouncing up and down with excitement at seeing me. Or when he finishes his bottle, turns his head towards me and snuggles close before falling asleep at night.

My life before the LP seems a distant memory. Our family before LP2 is also very dim. It feels like he has always been with us. It has been an absolute joy, watching him grow and learn and develop. Our little tree frog who lived to cuddle has become a tiny person, walking and trying to talk and melting our hearts with his smile.

Life may not always be easy but my wish for LP2 is that he knows his father and I will always be his safe place to land. We will always love him just as he is. We may make mistakes along the way but we will make them because we're just trying to do our very best. I hope he always knows how very loved and special he is. And not just on his birthday...but every day.

He might not have known it was his birthday, but I'm pretty sure LP2 had a great day. When he woke up, I brought him into our room, where his birthday present was waiting. He lost no time in playing with that.

This is some kind of construction toy that detaches from the orange base so you can ride around on it. It makes noise, has tools and says all kinds of things. Aside from the hard hat, he loves it.

After breakfast, Grandpa came by because Daddy was taking him to an appointment. He had a wonderful time playing with Grandpa and showing off his new toy. After a long nap, he was rarin' to go...just in time for a visit from Nan and Grandad, who came armed with Timbits and love. We all enjoyed the visits! After Nan and Grandad left, LP1 and I decided to make a special birthday treat for LP2.

Rice Krispies...marshmallows...what kind of laborious, exotic treat could we be making?!

I made LP2 food I know he likes for dinner. We skipped birthday cake because we had just finished the last of his cake from his birthday party the weekend before and instead...we had Rice Krispie squares! A sticky, sweet mess that everyone got right into and the perfect end to dinner. LP1 was only too happy to dim the lights and lead us all in a rendition of "Happy Birthday". And since he didn't get the whole make-a-wish-and-blow-out-the-candle thing, she was also happy to assist.

The first birthday is a major milestone but all your birthdays will be to your Daddy and I, LP2. I can't believe how one year can both go by so fast and feel like it has taken forever. We are so proud of you and love you to the point that our hearts will burst. You will ALWAYS be our favourite little boy in the whole entire world, even when you are as ancient as we are! xoxoxoxo


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