Friday, December 2, 2011

New Thing #77: A big catch-up of our comings & goings

*more a-blog-ogies for this late post. Suck it up, buttercup*

I'm going to cram a whole buncha days into this post because I'm already so late in posting and I kinda sorta can't remember what we did. Insert usual excuse about being too tired/busy to blog.

Last Friday was a bit of a non-starter is terms of a New Thing. I think I have previously mentioned that Daddy and I had a work dinner on Saturday. Well, this was a lie I told only because I knew Grammy was reading and I wanted to throw her off. The truth is that Grandpa, the aunties, uncles, Daddy and I had been planning a surprise party to celebrate both Grammy's birthday and her retirement. Most of Friday was spent baking in preparation for the party. Auntie K and Auntie J did an incredible job of making food for the party that looked like something from a very exclusive restaurant. Seriously, everyone commented on how well done it all was. My job was the baking. I pulled out some old standbys and tried out a few new recipes. By the end of Friday I felt like I had diabetes from all the sugar I had ingested. do have to sample everything, right? I think it all went well, though. On Friday night we went to see our friends, the D family, for dinner. Their youngest daughter is just a few months younger than LP1. Their two older children have always taken an interest in our little people and were happy to entertain them. Despite the fact that they didn't get my full attention during the day, I know both LP had a great time Friday night.

The weekend was a bit of a blur. Saturday was the party, so the LP had a sleepover and Auntie S and Uncle J's house. Daddy and I picked them up Sunday morning and we all had some family time. I think all of us were exhausted.

The LP had a full day at daycare on Monday to help them transition to going full-time. We've had some problems getting the rest of our bedroom furniture delivered and after the latest setback, Daddy and I decided to just go to two different cities to fetch the rest of it, rather than wait the week and a half it would take for our mattress and foundation to be reunited and delivered, even though they were less than 30 km apart from one another. Don't get me started on this. We asked Grandpa if we could borrow his trailer to put it all in. To help persuade him, we offered a visit from the LP. Done and done. We dropped them off while we went furniture fetching. As it was Grammy's actual birthday, the LP stayed for dinner and birthday cake. I think everyone had a good night.

On Tuesday, we kept LP2 home from daycare because he had been up half the night. We think he's teething and his sleeping patterns have been all over the map lately. This was definitely a first for the LP; LP1 went to daycare on her own while LP2 came shopping with Auntie K and I. As we were all very worn out, we didn't do much once everyone was home together. I snuggled with the LP on our very big new bed and watched children's television. There are worse ways to spend your day.

Wednesday was moving day for Uncle V and Auntie A. Daddy and I went to help them while the LP were at daycare. Again, it was a very tiring day and I have no idea what the LP and I did when we were all back it home. Let's just assume it was Best Thing Ever.

...and that catches you up...almost. Two more posts to go. Not the greatest New Thing week, I guess.

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