Sunday, September 18, 2011

...and we're back!

Hello, hello!

After a long and unexpected break, we return. Hopefully there are still people out there with us! So much has happened since I last posted that I can't even remember where we left off. I suppose going back and reading previous entries would help, but I am lazy and I've been procrastinating writing this long enough as it is, so I'll just write whatever comes into my head.

I think my last entry was about getting ready for the family from Out West to arrive. For those of you who don't know, in this case, "Out West" refers to "Calgary And Surrounding Area".  It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone again or, in some cases, meet some of the family for the first time. Daddy and I had fun learning how to make a gluten-seafood-nuts-zucchini-tomatoes-and-sesame-free dinner for 18 people...I truly mean that. I had no idea gluten was in so many common items out there...or sesame for that matter. By all accounts, the dinner was successful, although I suspect we could have served wallpaper paste and everyone would have said it was simply delicious 'cause they are all nice like that.

We are also very grateful to all the family for stepping in and helping us out with the LP during our family emergency. I feel I should tell you that Grandpa got very sick and wound up in hospital for 10 days. He is at home now, recovering, but it was a very scary and stressful time. Knowing that we had so many people to look after the LP and take such good care of them was an enormous relief. Thank you, everyone. You know who you are...whether you were minding the LP for us, buying them fun clothes and supplies, or dropping us off dinner or sharing in the harvest or just being there for support...I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude. We are so blessed.

The "New Things" with the LP kinda sorta got put on hold for a little while because there were some days when I barely saw them and then days where I was home and they just wanted to stay close to me and days where it looked like our house had exploded and I really, really needed to clear a path through the mess. I just can't function with a messy house. I've learned to let go and not fuss if I don't get a chance to vacuum, but I have my limits. And I'm not a total idiot...I'm well aware that cleaning the house is a way for me to exert control over my environment (even if said environment is destroyed 15 minutes later).

We did manage to get a few adventures in but I lacked the mental energy to blog about it. We played in boxes, we ate fun things, we were out and about in the backyard. This weekend I practiced driving standard in the car with them. We brought Auntie K along because I knew she could use a laugh. I didn't disappoint. I'll figure out this shifting gears and not stalling business yet! All the stopping and starting did, however, lull LP2 to sleep, so I shall view that as a positive!

A new week has begun so I hope that we can get back into the swing of New Things and I'l be back here tomorrow night with fresh adventures to tell you about.

Forward! Onward!

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