Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Thing #47: Time for a catch-up!

Yes, I know. I haven't posted in nearly a week. The shame! Shame! I apologize. It all went downhill last Friday when we had an impromptu gathering at our house that led to me falling asleep on LP1's floor at 2:30 am (she woke up from a bad dream just as the party was breaking up and as I was sitting with her, I fell asleep) and the rest of the weekend was just nonstop busy. I meant to update on Monday night but I was doing my elephant-doing-ballet impression and by the time I came home, had all those nighttime chores finished and was able to sit down, I just wanted to go to bed. Same thing last night. So now I'm taking a quiet moment in our day to catch up.

Friday wasn't much of a New Thing day. I'm trying to remember what we did...the LP were tired and a little out of sorts from going all over the place last week so we spent the day chilling at home. We played an awesome game called "Help Mommy Clean". I give the LP full credit: they are learning to pick up their toys (after much prompting). We played outside for a bit and did random things at home, like reading together, drawing and playing in their kitchen centre. I know it wasn't the most exciting day ever but they were going for a sleepover at Nan and Grandad's on Saturday so I knew they would have enough excitement then!

On Monday, Grandpa came over to hang out with us. After LP1 and Grandpa played outside for awhile, we went to Little Goobers, an indoor playground not far away. I used to take Cousin B there, back when he was a baby (hard to believe that was nearly 6 years ago!). After checking out Jungle Hut and Lil' Monkeys, I have to say that my opinion of Little Goobers has declined. It's a fun place for kids that are a little more independent and walking but it definitely lacks in things to do for babies. There were some balls to kick around, a playhouse, a mini slide, a small rocking horse and one lone exersaucer. That may seem like lots for LP2 to do but when you have other babies there, it isn't much. I prefer the other indoor playgrounds we have tried because there is more for him to do. I don't see us going back to Little Goobers when there are other places that have actual infant play areas, more toys and a greater range of options. The LP, however, did seem to enjoy Little Goobers. LP1 was happy to climb up the inside of a giant tree, run across bridges and slide down all the different slides. LP2 played on the rocking horse, flirted with girls in the playhouse and chilled with Grandpa. Both LP were happy to push and kick balls around. From the looks of it, LP1 has got the hang of kicking and chasing a ball. I imagine it won't be long until she joins the family soccer team with Daddy, Uncle V and Auntie A. I'm pretty sure she's already a better soccer player than I ever was!

We left Little Goobers and headed back to Grandpa and Grammy's house because everyone was getting tired. After we had lunch, I managed to convince everyone to have a nap. We hung out with Grandpa until late afternoon and then headed back home.

On Tuesday we went back to Grandpa's house. He continues to improve and recover. A little time with the LP is good medicine! LP1 helped him water the flowers and look for butterflies. LP1 announced they were going to a museum together and Grandpa happily went with her on the imaginary trip to the museum. It seems food fights break out at museums and they had a very long imaginary food fight while they were there. I'm sure the imaginary security guard asked them to leave. LP2 enjoyed time snuggling with Grandpa and having a bottle with him. He continues to get into absolutely everything and I think it will be only a matter of time before he is walking. He seems so close!

Today is Wednesday already...I'm not sure what we're doing but I'll (hopefully) post tonight!

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