Friday, September 30, 2011

New Thing #48: Well, I'm always running...behind, that is!

Yeah, yeah, so once again I have to apologize for being behind on the times. Our days have been busy as of late and by the time I have the time to sit down and blog, I usually just want to fall asleep. I say to myself "I can sit here and blog for an hour or I can hop into bed and ge...zzzzzzzzzzzz....." and wake up four hours later with drool perilously close to my spacebar and an impression of half the keyboard on my forehead. Yes, yes, it IS a good look for me. Let's just get to it, shall we?

LP1 announced that she wanted to go to the library on Thursday. Who am I to stand in the way of literacy? Also, I had nothing planned. So off we stalled-stop-started (yes, I was driving the standard car) to the library where we played with the trains and tried out a computer game that (A) was not user friendly and (B) had no volume. I find that teaching children about music through a computer program that has no sound is an excellent way for them to learn...if, perhaps the goal is to think of what the music would sound like in your head. There also happened to be an Early Years satellite centre at that particular branch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we wandered in there. The LP were happy to play with the toys, try on costumes, colour pictures and generally make a lot of noise. LP2 turned on his full-charm mode and had the lady from Glasgow running the program eating out of his hand. He would dip his head, look up and give her a full-watt smile. He was playing peek-a-boo, giggling and generally just being his standard Really Freaking Adorable. I have said this before, but we are definitely going to have trouble when he is a teenager if this keeps up. I have visions of hormonal teenage girls calling at all hours, hiding in our shrubbery and taking up space in our basement. By that time, I'm sure I will think their clothes are scandalous, their manners appalling and I will wonder how their parents let them out of the house. Daddy will probably just keep wine in the fridge at all times and will pour me a glass the second the first of the pack (oh, and there WILL be a pack, teenage girls travel with backup, I know, I was once one, too) appear. I, in turn, will probably have to sedate him every time a suitor comes a-callin' for LP1.  But yes, getting back to the story, the LP enjoyed their library/early years centre time.

Today we had another busy day. Auntie K came by for a visit and brought lunch with her (bless her!). What an angel! LP2 happily played chase-the-ball with her and LP1 convinced Auntie K it was time for another round of "let's look at all the pictures of me" on her phone. Auntie K is very obliging. Not long after she left, Auntie S dropped Cousin C to hang out with us while she and Cousin B went to an appointment in Toronto. LP1 was more excited than I have seen her in a long time. She kept hugging Cousin C and saying "I missed you so much, sweetheart!". Cousin C was great. She fed LP2 his snack and played games with him. He was also most definitely happy to see her, too.  Auntie S had ordered pizza and had it sent to us for dinner (bless her! what an angel!) and all of us devoured it.The two girls had a very busy afternoon, dressing up in costumes, helping me bake cookies, playing in the kitchen centre, drawing pictures and having an extra-bubbly bubble bath together. I read both of them several stories and it was quite nice to have both of them snuggled up with me, reading the ever-present "I Love Cats". LP1 and Cousin C are about 2 years apart and again, these two will cause trouble when they're older!

It was nice to spend time with Cousin C. When Auntie S and Cousin B came back, they had matching pajamas for the girls. They looked absolutely adorable in their Disney Princess jammies. It was late and the long and eventful day proved too much for LP1. She was more than ready for bed and went down with very little fight. Shortly after she went to bed, LP2 woke up for some unknown reason. He has had a bottle and is now starting to fall asleep in my arms as I type this. I feel like a T-Rex because of the way he's leaning across my arms...I basically can only use my hands right now. Well, not that I use my elbows to type or anything like that. Stick your arms out in front of you, bend at the elbow and wave your fingers about. That's what it is like. I bet you feel like a T-Rex, too.

Signing out from dinoland...

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