Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Thing #43: Divide & Conquer

I just realized that today's New Thing probably shouldn't even qualify as a "New Thing" because the LP were not together. However, as they are now in bed and I'm not about to wake them up to do something, it will just have to do. What's the point in having a blog if you can't change the rules around?

We will be having family over for dinner on Sunday and we are very much looking forward to it. It has taken me far too long to learn, however, that doing things ahead of time saves headaches and rushing around at the last minute. I've been trying to tackle different areas of the house this week so that come Sunday I will only have to do a quick vacuum-up-the-dog-hair and run a cloth over everything to have the house ready. Yes, I know, your family doesn't care how your house looks. But I CARE. And while our house isn't like something out of "Hoarders" and is actually pretty well-organized, there is still cleaning to be done. The LP are very good at un-cleaning what I clean, so this is always an ongoing process.

Auntie K called today and asked if she could take LP1 out with her today for some girl time. Auntie K had some errands to run and thought that in addition to getting to spend some one-on-one with LP1, it would probably help me out, too. She is a genius. LP1 was thrilled at the idea of going out with Auntie K and it was no problem to get her face washed, dressed and ready. Once Auntie K came to collect her, they headed out for a ladies afternoon. I understand that they did some shopping and had some lunch together. Knowing the two of them, they were likely singing together the whole time, too. By all accounts, they had a great time together and LP1 was very well-behaved.

While they were gone, LP2 and I had a snuggle as I attempted to convince him it was time for a nap. He had other plans. So did I. LP2 got a little time in the playpen while I tackled a few projects. When he tired of this, I put him in the exersaucer and brought him around the house with me. At his stage of crawling-and-eating-everything, I can't leave him to his own devices for long or he will fall down the stairs/knock something over onto himself/destroy things/otherwise flirt with getting hurt. While he was in the exersaucer, we had a long talk about life. He is a great listener. We also played a few rounds of peek-a-boo and then when his favourite toy, the vacuum cleaner, came out, he was kicking and squealing and wanting a turn. I hope he never loses that love for the vacuum. I was able to knock a few things off my to-do list, which is always a wonderful feeling.

When Auntie K and LP1 returned, they very kindly brought me a coffee (bless that Auntie K a million times) and some things I had asked for. She had bought LP1 a lollypop and LP1 was nearly dancing with anticipation. We gave it to her and off she went, happy as ever. I love how the little things please the LP right now. I put LP2 in the high chair and gave him a snack while I started to tidy up the kitchen. I could hear him talking to himself and when I looked over...he was sound asleep with his head on the tray. So. Freaking. Adorable. Now this may sound mean, but I didn't move him. If you have a child, you will automatically understand why. Moving a sleeping child = child waking up and no longer sleeping. I think he probably had a 20 minute nap in there. In the meantime, LP1 had taken her lollypop downstairs and asked to watch Treehouse. As I could see that she was overtired, I relented and put the TV on. I think she needed to unwind. It wasn't long before she was sleeping sitting upright, the lollypop still clutched in her hand.

The naps didn't last long but both LP emerged from them refreshed. Don't you wish we lived in a society where adults were encouraged to go have a nap more often? Think of how more energized and less grumpy we would all be!

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