Friday, July 15, 2011

New Thing #13: Actually, no New Thing :(

I am a little sad to report that today we did not manage to do our One New Thing. I alternate between being disappointed in myself and giving a mental shrug, saying "meh, it happens."

Daddy and I are leaving Friday morning to attend an out-of-town wedding. The LP are not coming with us; instead, Auntie J, Grammy, Auntie K and Uncle L will be taking care of them this weekend. I know our LP will be in excellent hands but I wanted to make sure everything was organized and that the house was in order. Yes, I know family doesn't care what your house looks like, but it just makes me feel better knowing that there are fresh linens and towels, food in the fridge, and all the laundry is caught up. Today was spent cleaning, catching up on the laundry and grocery shopping.

I know that the whole point of a challenge is just that: to test oneself, to see if you are capable of doing something. The challenge is in the striving. Or maybe that is just what I'm telling myself so I won't feel so bad. And maybe this will just come across as being defensive but I think that sometimes I just have to roll with how the day unfolds and today, it just didn't happen. Although we didn't do anything new, it is not like I left the LP in a room all by themselves, either. They were right there with me, "helping". LP2 chased the vacuum cleaner along the floor, fascinated by how it worked (thankfully there was no rebellion today). LP1 was really good about picking up her toys and making observations about what I was doing. They came grocery shopping and while they did try to eat almost everything that went into the cart, I think they also enjoyed it. LP1 was giving me suggestions about what we needed to buy. They napped well today, too. It was a busy day for them.

As today is Thursday, we also had swimming lessons tonight. Once again, it was a great opportunity to spend time together as a family. Tonight I got to see how confident LP1 has become in the water. She jumps in and goes all the way under now. It is amazing to see the changes in her in such a short time. Tonight I learned that although he may be hesitant at first, LP2 is willing to try new things because he has such trust in us. He went under the water. He practiced floating on both his stomach and his back, even though his first instinct was to cuddle close, because we encouraged him and let him know we wouldn't let him sink. I also learned that he does not like being thrown in the air. I was playing with him and I saw the fear in his eyes when I was holding him up above my head. He is such an adventurous and happy little soul that I forget sometimes that he is still very little and things scare him.

So...maybe the One New Thing today was actually a few realizations on my part. The LP are happy when we do things together, even if these things are just boring old housework. They like being the focus of my attention but they are also capable of doing things on their own, too. And I think that perhaps the most important realization I had today is that if we let them know that we believe in them and that we feel they can do something, it gives them the confidence to try.

But the mother guilt never I think I need to plan something big for us to do on Monday!

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