Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Thing #6: Making footprints & stroller tracks

So far, this week has been all about changing plans on the fly. If there's one thing I am starting to learn, it is that plans should be carved in sand rather than set in stone.

I heard that the Hamilton Business Improvement Area was hosting something called the "2011 Gore Park Summer Promenade". I have been to Gore Park...I wouldn't exactly call it a "park" so much as a "strip of green with a fountain in the middle of downtown Hamilton, populated by interesting characters". The website from the event promised "an eclectic group of artists, artisans and entrepreneurs" in the park every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday throughout the summer. I thought it sounded promising and worth a New Thing venture. We hadn't seen Auntie J and Uncle M in awhile and they had some rare free time, so we arranged to meet up with them.

Auntie J and Uncle M have just moved to a new place for the summer before they resume their academic pursuits in the fall. We haven't had time to see their new digs but it is always nice to be welcomed to a new home. The LP and I haven't done a craft together in awhile, so this was the perfect opportunity for a New Thing. I painted each LP's foot with green paint and we made a footprint on a piece of construction paper. Once the paint had dried, we made a sign for Auntie J and Uncle M. LP1 drew pictures all over the paper and instructed me what to write. I tried to help LP2 draw with a crayon but he was more interested in eating it.

LP1's foot is on the left; LP2 is on the right. In the bottom it says "We like to read Tubby & The Lantern". This is a book I had as a child that I read to her now. I don't know why LP1 wanted to include that but it was important to her so we did.

We were just heading out when we heard that Auntie K also had a rare spare moment so we stopped to pick her up before meeting Auntie J and Uncle M at Gore Park. It took about 35 seconds to realize that the Summer Promenade was not what I thought it was. I'm not going to slag the effort so I'll just say that we decided it wasn't for us. Fortunately Uncle M had heard of an outdoor concert series taking place each Wednesday and Friday from 12 to 2 so we set out in search of that. The LP were delighted to see their Aunties and Uncle and I think they enjoyed a stroller tour of the downtown core. There were definitely many new things to see and unusual people to take in. We found the concert just in time for the last set.

               The band appeared to be good and if they had kid-friendly                                entertainers, I would definitely bring the kids back.

At this point, we were hot (it was at least 30 degrees Celsius) so we sought out in search of cold drinks and possibly some snacks. The LP definitely needed to get out of the sun, rehydrate and have a little something to take the edge off. Uncle M gallantly took the helm of the stroller, much to the happiness of the LP. I think they liked having a new driver.
                If the LP wanted Uncle M to push them to the moon he would find a                way to make it happen.

We wound up at a place that is either called Bread and Roses or the Sky Dragon Cafe. Known for vegetarian food, it was a good place to sit and relax. I don't know that I exactly love the place but I like that it serves food for herbivores. The LP on the other hand were very happy. LP1 enjoyed her grape juice and some of the mysterious muffin that had broccoli in it before reading books with Auntie K and playing with a random car with Auntie J and Uncle M. Once LP2 had eaten, he was happy to be held by both his aunties and to make faces at his uncle.

                       LP2 just couldn't decide what to order today.

We headed back out into the blazing sun when we could see meltdowns looming on the horizon. The air conditioning of the car was a relief. I don't think we were very far before both LP were sound asleep, very happy after a busy day.

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