Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Thing #16: A free lunch & some splashing around

We started off today without a clear plan of what we were doing. Sometimes I think it is just fun to go where the day takes you.

Grammy had asked us if we could go over to their house to let the dog out today because she would be late getting home from work and Grandpa is out of town. Daddy dropped the LP and I off so we could make sure that doggie wasn't crossing her legs and pacing to go out while he went to run some errands. I forgot what happens when Daddy runs errands by himself...he never comes home with just the things he was sent out for...but more on that later.

I think there must be a Grandparent Handbook. And on page 1 of that book it states, "always keep your cupboards and fridge full of things your grandchildren and their parents like. If you have good food, they will keep bringing the grandchildren over." Both Grammy and Grandpa and Nan and Grandad always know just what to have on hand. Today was no exception. We helped ourselves to lunch and some snacks. I think if you ever leave a grandparent's house hungry, it is your own fault.

Who let the dog out? Woof, woof, woof... (sorry, couldn't resist. I didn't just beat the dog, she was looking intently at LP1 because LP1 was holding a cookie)

After demolishing the supply of delicious treats in the house, LP1 drew some pictograms for Grammy on post-it notes. I provided translation on some. Daddy came back, and as we were getting into the car I noticed he had picked up a few extra things while being out unsupervised.

"In A People House" is another book we read together. This is LP1's impression of it, I guess.

While he was out and about today Daddy picked up a hard plastic kiddie pool for the LP! When I said he never comes home with just the things he was sent out for, you probably thought that this was a bad thing. Not always! 

The LP fell asleep on the way home, so while they were sleeping Daddy set up the pool and filled it up. As it was bone meltingly hot outside, it didn't take long for the water to warm up. Once the LP were both up from their naps we stripped them down and brought them in the backyard. They were excited to see the pool, although a little hesitant to get in at first. Once they got in they didn't want to sit down right away. I have no idea why this was. The air was practically solid, it was so hot. The water was cool but not cold. Children are weird.

It didn't take long before both kids were comfortable and then...SPLASH TIME! It started with LP2 gently splashing the water with his hand. Splash, splash...pause...big baby laugh. Once he realized it was fun, he started splashing with both hands. LP1 joined in and it wasn't long before Daddy and I were soaked.  The kids were thoroughly enjoying splashing each other, the grass and us. We just couldn't help but laugh with them. The new pool was a perfect idea on Daddy's part. I love how the little things make the LP so very happy. I think they could have sat there all afternoon, splashing and kicking and playing.

When you are very little the world most look positively enormous. I think one reason why the LP love their little pool is that it is just their size. Finally they have a place to swim and play where they can sit down or stand up and hold onto the edge all by themselves. The water isn't going to completely surround them. I think it makes them feel independent. Or maybe I'm totally wrong and they just think the world's gone crazy and the bathtub is now in the backyard.

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