Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Thing #7: Some QT & some swimming

Sometimes you just want to play "Giddyap Horsey" as you are bounced on a knee. Sometimes you want to play with toys and have someone slip you candies on the sly. In other words, sometimes you need to go spend some quality time with Grandpa.

Today we headed over to see Grandpa. Grammy was at work, so hopefully we can see her sometime soon. After big hugs, checking to make sure all the favourite toys were still there and a few M&Ms in LP1's hand, we headed out for lunch together. This was the first time the LP and I had gone for lunch with Grandpa. LP2 slept through the first half of lunch but LP1 kept Grandpa busy. Both kids were very well behaved and I know they enjoyed themselves.

If you're going to offer a children's menu, perhaps you should offer child-sized portions!

As we were nearing the end of lunch our server brought finger bowls with lemon slices in them. LP1 had never seen such a thing before and was delighted to try it out. It wasn't long before she was playing with the lemon and helping Grandpa clean up. After Grandpa kindly treated us to lunch we headed over to do some shopping.

                                 Finger bowls make cleaning up fun!

I needed to buy some Little Swimmers and a towel for LP2 (more on that later). We went across the highway to the SuperStore. After loading both kids into the cart and letting Grandpa push, it was hard to tell who was in charge. Grandpa was throwing balls, crazy driving and sharing some bulk candies (okay, it might have been me who cruised past the bulk bins). Again, I knew both LP had fun and they were very well-behaved. They had so much fun with Grandpa that they were both sound asleep before we even got back to Grandpa and Grammy's house. I headed home with the LP and let them have a very long nap.

I needed the kids well-rested because tonight was our first-ever family swimming lesson. We enrolled LP1 in the spring session of Parent and Tot swimming and for 9 weeks LP1 and Daddy swam together every Thursday. We decided to enroll both kids in the next session because we feel that it is important for the LP to become comfortable in the water and learn to swim. Swimming lessons also teach different survival skills and basic first aid. If they want, one day they can become lifeguards, too.

The four of us donned our suits and hit the water together. I'm very proud of the LP. They splashed, played and were happy little water babies with nary a tear in sight. LP1 has really come along since her very first class back in April. Daddy was tossing her high into the air and she was going under the water like a pro. LP2 was his usual chill self, smiling and kicking and snuggling. I'm happy we decided to do this together because it is a half-hour of family time in a different setting. I'm definitely looking forward to next week!

                     For the first time in the animal kingdom, shark and caterpillar                          get along

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