Monday, August 8, 2011

New Thing #27: Ninky Nonk, Violet and Scout

Monday, was your weekend? We had a great weekend here! We spent Saturday morning and the early afternoon playing outside before the LP went to Nan & Grandad's for a sleepover. They had, as usual, a wonderful time with the grandparents and their cousins, who were over, too. Daddy and I had a date night. Although we missed our LP, it was also very nice to have some time together. We reunited with the LP on Sunday and had a very enjoyable family day.

I wasn't sure what we were going to do today. We were playing in the backyard after breakfast when LP1 asked me to pull her around in the wagon. I had spent part of Saturday pulling each of the LP around the yard in the wagon. I wanted to try LP2 in it because we weren't sure if he was big enough for it. He is definitely ready for it, although at a much more sedate pace than LP1 prefers. I decided this morning to take the LP out of the backyard and onto the streets. We were ready for some serious wagoning. It didn't matter that both of them were only wearing diapers and I was in scrub pants and a tank top. I knew nobody would be out and about in our neighbourhood and I was right. I loaded them into the wagon and we went on a walk to see what we could see.

Our sweet ride...also known as "the Ninky Nonk", after a wild train on the TV show "In the Night Garden". When just LP1 is in the Ninky Nonk, I am required to run like a madwoman around the backyard, making sure there are bumps, quick turns and the ever-possible threat of tipping over. When LP2 is in the Ninky Nonk, I am like a slow donkey, pulling the wagon at a gentle pace.

It was warm and yet overcast and a perfect time for a tour 'round the hood. We were hoping we could find some other kids to have a wagon drag-race but once again, it felt as if we were the only people in the world. The LP were happy to see the neighbourhood from a different perspective than the one normally offered by the stroller. We talked about what we saw, we admired things, we looked at flowers. It was a good walk. It also gave me the chance to surreptitiously check out other people's houses. I am, and always will be, a nosy git. I like being able to look into garages and front windows as we pass by. 

We eventually returned home and LP2 went down for a nap. When he awoke, LP1 came in to say hello and discovered Scout in LP2's bed. Do you know who Scout and Violet are? Allow me to explain. Violet is a purple dog-like thing. Each of her four paws, when pressed, plays something different: happy songs, activities or questions from Violet, lullabies, and an on-off button. You can program Violet to say your child's name, favourite colour, food and animal and you can select the songs played. LP1 received Violet for her first birthday and absolutely loved her. The batteries kicked it again a little while ago and I kept forgetting to replace them, so Violet has been relegated to one corner of LP1's bed.

Scout is the boy version of Violet. He is green and does all the same things. LP2 was given Scout as a present last Christmas and this is another toy we've kept on the shelf for him. Daddy brought it down yesterday and programmed it for LP2. Unfortunately, as LP2 does not have a typical name, his name is not included in the database of names. I think this will probably be an ongoing issue for him. He won't be able to get the personalized toothbrush or placemat off the rack. We'll figure something out for him. In the meantime, Scout refers to him as "pal".  This will have to do for now.

When LP1 saw Scout in LP2's crib, she immediately went for him. I realized that the only way to prevent her from appropriating yet another of his toys was to search out batteries for Violet. I used to work at a place where they removed all the batteries from the supply closet right before back-to-school and Christmas because everyone who worked there would steal the batteries for their kids. I never understood this until we had children of our own. The battery manufacturers must be in collusion with the toy manufacturers...everything seems to require batteries and they all run out at exactly the same time, regardless of when you last changed them. I went on a battery hunt throughout the house today and after finding two in a package and taking one from a remote control, I was able to revive Violet.

I wasn't sure if LP1 would give up on playing with Scout once she saw Violet again. As soon as I turned Violet on and she heard her name, LP1 lit right up. She ran over to me. "MOMMY! VIOLET IS ALL BETTER!" she bellowed and took Violet back immediately. I gave Scout to LP2 and we all spent the next little while playing with Scout and Violet. It was really sweet to see how much both kids each enjoyed their toy in different ways. We sang songs and answered Violet and Scout's questions. Eventually LP1 wandered into her room with Violet and when I peeked in, the two of them were laying on her bed together as LP1 "read" her a story.

Violet went everywhere with LP1 for the rest of the day. LP2 was happy to play with Scout but he also had other fish to fry today, too. I'm happy that he likes Scout, though. Sometimes toys that talk can be frightening for babies. When Daddy came home today, LP1 ran to him and said, "Daddy, Mommy fixed Violet and now she can sing again." It was very sweet. 

We went for another spin in our Ninky Nonk after dinner. This walk was a little longer and we went a different way (more opportunity for covert spying). LP2 was singing to himself and didn't know where to look. He is definitely a fan of the wagon. LP1 was saying hello to people, asking questions and telling LP2 what she thought she should look at. Our second little jaunt today was just as fun for the three of us as the first.

As I was getting LP2 ready for his bath once we got home, LP1 did take Scout out of the crib. She put Scout and Violet in her shopping cart and took them for a Ninky Nonk ride around the living room. She said they were happy to be together and asked me to take a picture of them. 
They do look pretty happy to be together, don't they?

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