Friday, August 26, 2011

New Thing #39: A Visit from Auntie K

Oh, Friday. The day I try to get so many things accomplished. And usually do not succeed. The LP were in a bit of a mood today. I think LP2 is working on making more teeth. I think LP1 is a little tired after a busy week. We had our last swimming lesson of this session last night and I am proud to say that the two of them were amazing. They have made such progress and are little water babies. Hopefully we can find a time for the next session that works for our schedule because it is clear that they love it.

Auntie K and I were planning on taking the LP to an aviary Auntie K and Uncle L discovered recently. Unfortunately, it couldn't happen today. LP1 napped a little longer than expected and LP2 didn't really nap at all. I was frustrated with myself because I wasn't getting the things done I needed to do. Once both LP were up, we took them out into the backyard to play. Auntie K soon offered to play with them so I could go inside and get a few things done because she is nice like that. I took her up on her offer and was soon working on whittling down my to-do list.

In the meantime, Auntie K and the LP drew with chalk on the patio, played on the swings and slide, checked out the backyard toys and were visited by a grasshopper. Being outside was just what they needed, as it allowed them to expend some energy, get into the fresh air and do something different. When they came back inside, they were happy little souls. Thank goodness for Auntie K...she made all of us happy today!

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