Friday, August 12, 2011

New Thing #29: Okay, so this is actually 3 days worth of posts

Many apologies (if anyone actually reads this anymore)...we've had a busy week 'round these parts and by the time I have time to sit down and post, I'm usually too tired. So this is a big catch-up post...although there aren't really any "new" things to report!

On Wednesday, Grammy and Grandpa came by for a visit. They had spent the previous ten days at the cottage and were missing the LP (and maybe, by some extension, me...but I'd put the smart money on the LP). The LP were just as excited to see them. They spent a big part of the day playing with their grandparents, having lunch together and just catching up. Once Grammy and Grandpa left, the LP went down for naps and it wasn't long after they woke up that it was time to get ready for although we didn't do anything that falls into the category of "New Thing", I know they had a wonderful day with their grandparents.

Auntie J and Uncle M came over later in the evening on Wednesday and spent the night. Uncle M left early in the morning to attend to some things but Auntie J stayed. And believe you me, I put her to work. I had a very long to-do list and I needed someone to do what Auntie J refers to as "baby wrangling". So while I did the 4600 things that need to be done so we can go camping this weekend, cleaned up the house because Daddy's band was coming over to rehearse for an upcoming gig and got everything organized for swimming lessons, Auntie J took care of the LP. I am so grateful that she was able to do this because it allowed me to get everything I needed to accomplish done. Auntie J came with the LP and I to swimming lessons as Daddy also had a long to-do list before the band came over. Uncle M was there to watch and both LP delighted in looking over to see him. LP2 is learning how to wave hello and goodbye, so he was able to practice this from the water.

As I mentioned, we are going camping this weekend. We left early this morning in the hopes that we could get set up on the site before Daddy went to work. The plan was that Daddy would set up our camping trailer, head to work and join us at the end of the day. I was really looking forward to having a full Friday to get everything organized. It is always a mad rush to get there, unload everything and try to get the LP settled. Their dinner is always late, they get so excited about being somewhere new and getting them to go to bed is a very long process. I thought if we were there earlier, they would have more time to acclimate and relax. By some divine miracle, we were all up, ready to go and had the car packed a full three minutes before Daddy's "I want to be gone by..." time. We got to the park, checked in early, headed to our site and...someone was still on it. GRRRRR. So we dropped Daddy off at work and I've come home with the LP for a little while. Once I give them lunch and tidy up a few things, we'll try again...only this time, I'll be the one trying to set up the trailer. Say a prayer for me!

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